Healthcare IT isn't just about HIPAA Compliance.
It's about your practice, and it's patients.

HIPAA is only one piece of the puzzle

Healthcare IT is more than just HIPAA compliance. Yes, your practice is required to adhere to HIPAA guidelines, but we focus on your practice as a whole. Not only do we build a HIPAA compliant solution for you, we also make sure your clinical operations run smoothly, and provide the best experience for both you and your patients.

We understand Healthcare IT

We have years of experience working with healthcare providers, and have studied the industry thoroughly. We understand the complexities of Healthcare IT, as well as the day-to-day clinical needs of a medical practice. We've worked with both providers and patients to deliver the best possible experience for everyone involved.

So, what makes Layer3 different?

We approach the Healthcare industry with a unique perspective: Yours. Focusing on your Clinical IT needs are considered as equally important to us as making sure your practice is HIPAA compliant. During our initial assessment, we perform a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA), and conduct interviews with you and your staff. During this interview process, we also ask the staff what they're looking for, in relations to day-to-day operations. We then take this information, and build out a plan to not only get your practice HIPAA compliant, but to help deliver the best experience for everyone involved.

Schedule an assessment today. We'll also schedule a Security Risk Assessment to evaluate your medical practice's HIPAA Compliance